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Luanne E Witkowski and Denise Marika at Kingston Gallery

  • Kingston Gallery 450 Harrison Ave. No. 43 Boston, MA 02118 (map)

Kingston Gallery Artist Luanne E Witkowski is opening an exhibition next month of work created through collaboration with her friend and colleague, Denise Marika. In their individual work Witkowski and Marika have addressed social and environmental issues both directly and abstractly.Together in STRATA their work responds to patterns, materials, and places as a call and response in reaction to our ever-evolving human and natural landscape. After a long illness Denise Marika passed away in early July, though her passion for activism and giving voice to the silent can be fiercely seen in this last exhibition of new work. STRATA is on view September 5 - 30, 2018 with a SoWa First Fridays opening reception on Friday, September 7, 5 - 8pm. On Saturday, September 22nd at 3pm Witkowski will be joined by Marika’s long-time studio assistant Tom Fahey as they discuss the work on view and insights into the process and concepts that helped them to arrive at this place in this collaboration.

Patterns trace our behavior and mark time.
Natural events and human actions build and erode the landscape we inhabit.
Volcanic eruptions scar the earth becoming islands of rich dark soil.
Centuries are marked layer upon layer in sediment and water etched cliffs.
Accidental moments, fossilized in stone and wood, repeat stories from a shared past
While individual footfalls imprint the sand only to be erased by a wave.

In the exhibit, STRATA, Luanne E Witkowski and Denise Marika respond to patterns, materials, and places. The creation and exhibition of these works is a call and response between the two artists. In the floor piece by the same name, Marika's video projection on plywood traces the volcanic landscape, the wood patterns, and the topography of the earth. Witkowski responds by layering and retracing the strata, giving dimension and definition to a landscape that continuously shifts and morphs.

Witkowski's individual panels explore the interrelationship of repeated abstract patterns, while Marika's video installation looks more closely at borders and power dynamics between people and place. Together, the artists have built an exhibit that reflects on time and the cyclical nature and power of all relationships.