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Dorothy Pilla and Dianne Dolan at Galatea Fine Art

  • Galatea Fine Art 460B Harrison Ave., #B-6, Boston, MA 02118 (map)

Dorothy Pilla
The pattern of ice crystals on a window pane conjure images of frozen landscapes in these works. They, with the sight of bare trees thrusting through layers of sand create the bending of natural forms to produce illusions that call into question reality. These are miniature words; tormented trees trapped in a netherworld of lifelessness, akin to ice. Dark may be the theme here, but in the darkness there is an expectation of light. The images may seem like worlds falling apart, but in actuality they are demonstrating their endurance.

Dianne Dolan
Dianne Dolan witnesses fleeting and brief moments as a Plein Air painter. Challenged to capture the beauty of her observations which occur at uncommon moments, she flows from being present in the landscape to recording her experience digitally. Making mental notes, she is able to utilize this method to translate the captured landscape into a painting. Her studio becomes the place of quiet memories.